I think I have 

To accept my husbands gone. No matter the reason he left and as much as I want him to come back I don’t think he will be. Well people what a bloody winner I couldn’t even stay married for a year. And ya know what I don’t even blame him 


7 thoughts on “I think I have 

  1. Sad, but every setback holds its own blessings. Realising you are part of the problem helps much. Sit, reflect, change what needs to and forge ahead. The next will be a blessing. Happy New Year sand be around friends.


  2. Is it a good thing it only lasted a year? Probably. What if you had put in ten years with all the memories that come with it. Let yourself grieve, learn from it what you needed to learn, close the door and take a sharp turn to the left.


  3. When my husband left me, at first I was devastated, in shock, and heartbroken but in the long run which wasn’t soon after, I was like…thank you, thank you, thank you. It’s such a cliche but everything happens for a reason. Just wait for it. Good luck and happy new year and new you.


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