Why did I let my walls

Down and fall in love again. I wish it was a simple break up but its not. When you add mental health its a whole new ball game. I don’t know how to navigate this kind of situation. I love him. I don’t want our marriage over. Im in complete limbo


4 thoughts on “Why did I let my walls

  1. Ending any relationship is never an easy feat. I have no answers for you but, I can give you some questions to ask yourself which may or, may not help your decision.

    Mental illness is like alcoholism or addictions in the sense that it makes everyone else around them, ill as well. It’s not about not loving the person. It’s about not loving what that person’s issues do to yourself.

    Perhaps, important questions to ask yourself are:

    Can you change him or the situation?
    If your answer is “no”, next question is, can you go on the way that you’ve been going and still have a life or be yourself and enjoy life?
    Depending on that answer, if it’s a “yes”, then you have to ask yourself if you’re willing to go on the same way or, do you deserve something different/better? What are YOU worth to yourself?
    If your answer is “no”…then, your answer is right there for you.

    Best of wishes in whatever your decision. Ask those who love you. Sometimes, others can give you the answers that you can’t see….kind of like not being able to see the forest for the trees.


  2. Marriage is supposed to be forever but I swear I can barely keep my sanity during the bad. I feel like I’m walking on the verge of a nervous breakdown at any moment.


  3. I believe you let your walls down because you, like the rest of us, had a desire to experience a loving relationship. It’s normal and natural. While I cannot guarantee that this place you’re in is temporary, I definitely cannot say that it is permanent either. Therefore, there is always hope for a better ending than you may be feeling right now. Right now he is focused on getting himself the help he needs. You, likewise, should be focused on what is needed to help you through this bump in the road of your life. Your mind will continue to play tricks on you, but you have to come to the point wherein you remind yourself that you are going to be okay regardless of what the situation may appear to be…Hang in there


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