2017 Day 3

After losing my shit last night I decided to start taking the meds my doctor prescribed last Friday. Huge for me cause I really dislike meds. But I can sink back into depression or my bpd like I have in the past. They didn’t help me sleep. But I feel a tiny bit calmer. I’d say mind over matter. I also calmly ring the hospital today. My hubby was outside having a ciggy. So called back he declined seeing me. But very calming I asked her to put me through to his doctor. Sadly still a public holiday. So I asked her what support is there for families, its been 2 and a half weeks. She suggested a place. I said to her can you please tell my husband I love him and I’ll try again. I also told her he has heaps of family n friends support and we’re not giving up. She noted it for his doctor. Throughout the conversation her voice soften and I felt more heard. I think this nurse realised that he does have people who love him and support him. That our only goal is to support not trigger. At least I know he’s still on their tonight so I’ve relaxed a lot more and managed to get my whole house finally cleaned


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