Miss him looking after us

Last night I thought I was in for hayfever. But now a day on my heads pounding, blocked up, a horrible cough which is causing me to vomit countless times, sore throat. And I’ve done everything I can, pain meds, hayfever meds relaxing etc. My kids have been great. But when ive been sick in the past he really looked after me. Making sure kids ok, dinners done, bedtimes etc. He’d run me a bath so I could relax, tuck me into bed with a bucket n wet flannel. Regularly checking on me. And now I’m in bed by myself. I’ve tucked pillows around me to feel less alone. But reality I am alone. And my heart hurts from just wanting to see his beautiful eyes and collapsing into his strong arms feeling safe while I’m sick. But no I’m alone here and hes alone in hospital. I wish we could just hold each other through our pain tonight. I don’t need words I just fucken need my husband


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