He’s still suicidal but discharged from hospital

I’m heart broken I woke in the night crying and I must have fallen back so sleep crying my pillow was soaked. I woke this morning my gut screaming that something was wring. I text hubby n tried to call him no response. I rug the hospital about lunchtime was informed he was out but still a patient. I then rung an advocate who rung me to say she was at the hospital and he’d been discharged and couldn’t give me details. I rung the hospital and lost my not for the first time told the nurse if my husband dies his blood is on her hands. I then rung my husband and blasted him told him if I didn’t kbow where he was I’d report him as missing. Then rung and blasted his key worker and told him I don’t give a fuck about confidentiality n find my husband that I was fucking playing. I was at my mums she went straight to mental health and I went home to make sure his truck was still there and blocked it in. Next thing a hospital worker shows up. He couldn’t tell me anything but the fact my husband has a place to stay. I filled him in on my concerns and the man agreed. Him n the key working both wanted me to keep the truck here as he’d threaten to use the truck to commit suicide before. I allowed them to get clothes n his favourite pillow. Both him n his key worker agreed that he will properly attempt to take his life. I’ve rung the hospital, community mental health, free lawyers. My old lawyer, courts, the police. And they’re hands are tied. All that the cops could do was ring mental health and they told her that he is going to be checked tomorrow. So now I wait. Wait to find out if my husband dies or not. Wait for that visit from police that my husband is dead. I’ve tried everything humanly possible and now I have to wait


9 thoughts on “He’s still suicidal but discharged from hospital

  1. Well i’ve not seen your husband anywhere, what concerns me is that, suicidal yet release from the hospital! Darling perhaps you should make an appointment for yourself? Toadally stepping out of line on that one…



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