Please do me one thing everyone

I don’t care where in the world you are, what time it is. Go and give your husband, wife, lover, partner, best friend, son, daughter, mum, dad, anyone who you love. Weather angry with them, hurt by their actions, weather you snapped at them today, or are happy. Go and give them a hug, kiss, text, call anything. Tell them you love them no matter what, you cherish them, that they are worthy of love and happiness. Tell them day or night that your there. That you believe in them. Tell them there good points. Just hold them. Because in minutes everything can change. Don’t have regrets like I do. Don’t wish you had have said you loved them. Because I’d give anything to be able to find my husband right now and tell him face to face everything I wish I had. To somehow get through to him and not be sitting here praying that he doesn’t try to take his life which is so precious. Don’t be me and take it for granted that they’ll always been there. Don’t be me who didn’t deal with the little things. Don’t be me who missed so many chances to hear my husband and not realise until it was to late. Don’t be me who didnt push the mental health team early enough to make a difference. Don’t be me the wife who has bow done every single thing in my power to try an dhelp my husband, rung every agency and begged but been told our hands are tied. Don’t be me and be waiting to see if your own husband is going to live or die. Fight earlier for the people you love. Cause I know I wish I did


6 thoughts on “Please do me one thing everyone

  1. I’m so sorry you’re going through this. I’ve dealt with mental illness and suicide attempts with my hubby too and it’s heart wrenching when you’ve done all you can do but it doesn’t seem like enough. I’m praying for safety and for peace and restoration for your family, blessings-💗


  2. Saying I’m sorry isn’t enough right now. I can tell you I know how it feels to have so much go unsaid and lose a loved one. Every single day I wish I had just one more hour, 30 minutes, even 15 minutes. You have done the best you can. I didn’t get a chance to tell my mom that none of the things I did were her fault. Her last words to me were “I’m sorry I screwed up your life so much”. She everything for me. We didn’t know yet what was wrong. I live with her blaming herself and it hurts. You also can’t force anyone to get help I resisted for too long. Many people had to walk away from me. You have done so much don’t ever feel you didn’t do enough.


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