Heading away for the weekend

Up early as usual not sleeping so well these days. Before everything happened yesterday I’d spoken to Hubby’s best mate, just the usual if they’d seen or heard from sailor. A few days after he left they offered for me and the kids to go stay there. I’d put it off I didn’t know if we should. Anyways they asked again yesterday. I told them I’d have to check I have the petrol money as they an hour away on a farm. They said no excuses if I didn’t they’d transfer money. So I agreed. In some ways I feel I’m intruding, they’ve been his friend for years. But they insisted. They are been amazing supporting me n thebkids and trying to support him to of course. So now we’re heading away for a whole weekend I’ve never left my town on my own I’m nervous. I have to leave his truck behind. So I don’t know if it’ll still be here tomorrow night. I’m worried if he reaches out to me and I’m not going to be here. Geez I know he’s unlikely to turn up but what if he does. I’ve sorted my mum feeding the chickens n sorting the gardens while I’m gone. The kids are excited. So time to put the mask on aye


5 thoughts on “Heading away for the weekend

  1. You don’t have to put on a mask…and I doubt that they will seriously expect you to do so. You are going through a very painful period in your life. So it is understandable if you have a few moments when you do not want to smile or you feel like crying. It is okay and for anyone to tell you otherwise would be wrong…try to enjoy yourself as much as you possibly are able to…hang in there…still praying for you and family

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