2017 Day 9

Finally a few positives today.

One being my husband answered his phone to his boss I’m not going into details but he was described as very quite and nothing discussed. But I now know there’s more people in our corner. Which will hopefully help my hubby reach out if not to me he might start with others. A very very small step but one I’m shocked n relieved by.

Secondly my son 14 and I had a big chat tonight about my hubby. I opened his eyes and he opened mine. This kid turned around and said I have to tell you something. It use to piss me off cause I was trying to sleep. But I miss you guys being in your room at night with the door closed and laughing so loud for hours. My God I miss it to. We talked about happy times. How my hubby talked to him to get his thought and blessing with hubby wanting to propose and my boy was happy. He didn’t know he was asked first before I even knew hubby was thinking it. He felt so special. I showed him a photo tobighty from our wedding the four of us, me n the kids looking at the camera beaming and my hubby snuggled into me looking at the kids. Hubby always said he didn’t like the photo because he looked sad but I love it because of the raw emotion on his face. My boy just thanked me for talking to him.

And thirdly. I had two call backs today. One from a referal from my gp  for counciling starting Wednesday and the second from another service who support families with those who have a family member suffering severe mental health issues and hospitalised. These people know the system, how to expalin the facts. How to push for our rights not only those of my husband’s. And how to deal with it. So Wednesday will be a big day but finally someone is helping me help me, my kids and my husband. 


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