I feel so alone

I need my husband home


5 thoughts on “I feel so alone

  1. I feel like it’s always been clear from your posts during the good times of your marriage that he truly, deeply loves you as well, just as much as you love and depend on him. So WHEN, not if, he gets his mental health under control again — when he’s himself again — I do really believe he’ll want to be with you again. I have a strong feeling he left not because he doesn’t want to be with you, but because he wanted to deny himself the comfort and happiness you give him, to punish himself. I know I’m just an outsider to this and could be totally wrong, but I do understand the depressive state of mind, and that’s the feeling I have.

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    • Your words have made me cry. Because I need to believe them. My heart says the same. I know I can’t give up on him ever. This man my husband is hands down the most amazing man I’ve meet. They say when you know you know. I knew from the moment I laid eyes on him. Everyone else believed he is trying to protect us from himself. But the words punishing himself was just like a lightbulb moment.


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