When it rains it pours

Yesterday morning I spoke to my mum we’re close and she wasn’t right. So I headed over. Here’s the back story. She dated a man for 2 years, the separated cause of lies with dope. She’s anti drugs. Then they become friends for the last two years. We’ll call him bob. Bob has had a friend called pat. Pats always had an issue with my straight non drinking or drug taking mum.

A few days ago bob decided to end the friendship with pat. What followed feels surreal.

Mum was sitting at home, when pat turned up abusing her, looking for bob. He was threatening her and a verbal fight took place where he finally left. Mum picked her friend bob up and planned to go to his place, pat was waiting outside the house mum got scared and took off. He started following her. Doing the right thing went straight to the police station where pat suddenly tried to block her in. He ended up chasing my mother through town forcing her to get to speeds of 80km/h in a 50km zone. Bob was on the phone to emergency services finally had a cop meet them who told her pat had broken no laws.

They when back to my mum where pat sent many threaten texts, including death threats etc. Then there was a knock at the door and she asked who it was. The response its the police. Thank good she trusted her gut because it was him. Pat was attempting to get to my mum again. A neighbour told him to fuck off n he finally left. By now mum was scared and not sure what to expect.

I arrived in the morning and mum told me it all. Then told me she’d woken to a flat tyre on her car. We check and it was clear it had been slashed. This mongrel had a knife. I ring the police finally after about 3 hours they turned up. Told us they’d arrest him. With that I felt safe enough to leave, as I had my 7 & 14 year old with me.

As we left I drive a shot distance and spotted pat and his car. I went around the block and when I came back I saw him. Pulled over abusing 3 men working on a house. I went straight back to mums to confirm it was him. I rung 111 back to say he’s been seen in the area like advised. Then he pulled up outside and came rushing in. While on the phone to police I desperately tried to get my kids inside while this man was abusing the hell out of me threaten him (he didn’t know who I was never met me). Finally locked ourselves in the house. While pat was screaming, and threating all of us. Smashing on the glass doors n windows. Then he started treatening my son. Cops told us to close the curtains and not do anything. With that I lost it telling the coo if you don’t get here I’m dealing with it. He finally left. After talking to 111 for 30minutes them telling me the cops were looking for him then would come to us. He was found quickly and we waited. 2 hours passed n cops finally told us he’d been arrested and would e locked up over night.

Finally went home and the cop rung me again. To let me know he would be bailed that night. But facing 3 charges including impersonating a cop, threats of violence. And a few other things. His bail conditions including staying 100 mitres from my mums house no contact etc 

So now we wait wait for coos to take our statements. To find out if he’ll act again.


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