It toke a complaint

This morning but finally mental health has assigned me a key/support worker. She rung n said she’d see me on Friday afternoon. Apparently its takes 2 days to read someone’s file. I told her while ya at it read my husbands file and talk to his key worker. Then you’ll have a full picture of what’s going on. She goes I cant discuss his stuff with you. I told her I’m aware that of that. I told her it took me threatening to report my husband as a missing persons with the police this morning to get told he was ok and they knew where he was. She then said don’t worry I won’t discuss you with your husband. That she’s going to push the privacy act. I responded he’s my husband and if he wants any information on me she is to tell him. She said no. I turned around and said your worker for me and if I tell you to tell him you have to respect my word, don’t ya. She tried to say no. I responded well ya bloody listened to my husbands word when he wanted to kill himselve so damn well listen to me now. He is my husband and I give fill permission for him to have any all all details regarding my physical and mental health, he has a right as my legal spouse to have information and he is to be told should he wish to get information. She’s not impressed at all. Great bloody start to support. No wonder my husbands bloody blocked me coz those pricks are pushing him. My fucken family has fallen apart. I’m broken, my husband is fucken broken, my kids want there lives back. They want the laughter back and their step daddy home. We want him alive and me staying well. And this stupid bitch is trying to push me into not giving my husband details. Not giving a flying fuck about my rights. And I trusted his key worker he was part of my therapy team. And now I don’t trust him. I’m tired of being the only one fighting for my fucken family. Made to feel in the wrong because I love my husband and kids and want them well, happy healthy. 


15 thoughts on “It toke a complaint

  1. I don’t know the whole story but I am sorry you are going through this difficult time and that things resolve for the better soon!


  2. Here I have to sign a waiver for each doctor I see saying that my husband can have information on me, and he can speak for me. I’m deaf. We need this so he can talk on the phone with offices. One place wouldn’t even let him make an appointment.
    It’s silly for us because he has my power of attorney, he could use that if he needed. I wonder sometimes if they would still require the waiver.
    Your worker is to look after you. It is her job to keep your information safe. If you want others to know, they probably think you can tell him.
    Maybe you have to sign a waiver like I do, giving permission for your husband to see your stuff.
    Good luck.

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  3. I make sure every time I go to the doctor my husband his the primary person to give info to and like wise. We have to sign a waiver at any dr we go to. It sounds like your husband was taken advantage of when they brought him in if what she was trying to do to you they did to him. I am sorry that you have to go through all of this.

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    • Thanks I’ll be putting it in writing. And its been put on my file. Yup after today I firmly believe that. Because when I was in the unit I wasn’t aloud to make decisions because I wasn’t of sound mind. Me, hubby n my mum have been in mental health for years and I’ve only just been informed there’s a advanced directive form which is legally binding. That you make when your well, so that when your sick the medical team have to uphold it no matter what you say. Basically for my hubby when he’s unwell he shuts everyone out, but when he’s well he hates that he’s done it.

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  4. Maybe it takes “two days” to read a file because the person reading the file has a stack of them to read. You’re not the only client she has. Try to look at things through her eyes.

    Being angry with these people is NOT going to help your cause. You have to work with them. Ever hear that saying, “honey catches more flies than vinegar”? Try it, it works.

    I understand your frustration. I understand you’re trying to save your family. But you’re not going to get anywhere if you react with anger.

    Hang in there. Hugs.


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