Ever have 

Da javu moments. Where you sit there and know you’ve seen this moment before? Well I had one about half an hour ago and its messing with me. Yup I’m well aware I sound crazy as hell. I often have them but this one. Basically sitting in my carport having a coffee and ciggy on fb when a message came through on fb from a lady I know. Suddenly get weird like I’d seen this before. It continued that I was talking to a lady about my husband, a new lady and then my husband turned up. Its freaking me out cause I have a meeting with a new key worker in 20 minutes and she will be asking about him. Argh I sound like a bloody nutter. My anxiety went through the roof and is still right up there, despite trying to be productive and distract myself by cleaning up and preparing dinner early for the kids because I have 2 meetings back to back. I hate da javu moments. I also suffer dreams and nightmares daily n they stopped apart from two dreams both positive ones about my hubby and I in the future. Thing about me I remember all my dreams and I listen to them because they usually mean I’m not dealing with life and it cones through in my dreams. But I can’t figure these two out. I hate being crazy 


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  1. You are not crazy! Anxiety and stress can create more deja vu sensations, there was a man on the news from the UK who had it all time time due to his anxiety- a chronic deja vu. It is also a sign of epilepsy- many who experience seizures recognize deja vu as a warning sign of impending seizure. Some scientists believe deja vu is an effect of your neurons “misfiring”. You have been under extreme amounts of stress for a very long time now. I know you said you have already done all the self care and mindfulness but seriously keep it up and try to find some relaxation. You deserve a break. Don’t be hard on yourself! You deserve your own compassion. Best wishes to you and the children, hang in there and be good to you and them

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  2. You’re not crazy. You are probably in a small group though of millions of people on the planet that are tuned into synchronicity events that include time travel and pre-cognition. I have prescient dreams frequently, intuitions every day, and off and on, lucid dreams where I’m shown exactly the meaning of my current situation and why I’m in it. There’s more in my book, but I recommend journaling them so you can keep track.


  3. I have those ALL the time! Sometimes I wonder if I dreamed them! & then … I have been transcribing my diaries … I will find dreams that I had years ago that ACTUALLY CAME TRUE. So sometimes your déjà vu experiences are dreams that you had that are coming true. & sometimes it’s just the spiral of life … spiraling back & repeating itself. That’s how it works. At the ripe age of 56, I’m just beginning to figure a few of these things out.

    Like some of the other commenters have said, journaling really helps. It helped ME. It still helps me. Writing keeps me sane on a daily basis. Plus, you can go back years later & read & remember & see how far you’ve come. You never lose when you keep a diary.

    Biggest hugs.


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