Whatva waste of time seeking mental health support

I was meant to have the key worker turn up at home. About 10 minutes after she was due I rung. She made excuses that there are no home visits. Which I know is incorrect. She has no training in dbt therapy. Changed the appointment to 5 days away. And when I was concerned about Hubby’s mental health n him being suicidal. Her reply was well he’s not done it yet. It was comments and tones. So now i have no support until next week. I kept calm n was direct with what I needed. I don’t know way I bother. I also found out where my husband is, apparently will be there for another 4 days. So he’s safe. I’ve had enough seriously enough. I don’t kbow what the hell to do. My worlds falling apart n I’m begging the right places n getting no hope or help. I’m trying so hard. Sometimes I wonder what I’ve done to deserve so much pain. I push on and keep going. I finally sorted my shit. Had plans and a future mapped out. And bow I’m at square one. I’m over starting over. I’m sick of no control. I try to be a good person


5 thoughts on “Whatva waste of time seeking mental health support

  1. This is what you do. You go to them. You do it THEIR way. You play by THEIR rules. You WORK with them.

    Get support for YOURSELF. I don’t want to say, “forget your husband right now” because I know you can’t & it’s really not what I want to say. But put him on the back burner of your emotional self & please, please, please take care of YOURSELF.

    You need mental health care for YOURSELF. I don’t think you are able to see yourself.

    You are so much like the person I used to be that I am almost in tears every time I read your posts. In tears of sorrow or anger.

    Now I know why my friends & family treated me the way they did.

    Please … get help for yourself. WORK WITH THE PEOPLE ASSIGNED TO YOU. JUST WORK WITH THEM. Even if you don’t like them. Especially if you don’t like them.

    This could be the most important battle of your life so take it seriously. It’s not about your husband. & again, maybe it is. So get help for YOU. & your kids. & him.

    it isn’t gonna get better for them until it gets better for you. I know what I’m talking about here.

    With all love & respect. Hugs

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  2. You are a good person. Stop blaming yourself for what has happened. Your husband has his own issues he is dealing with. I know it’s hard to understand or accept but he does. YOU need to focus on YOU!! If YOU have to fight with them to get the right therapy then YOU need to fight for it. I know it is hard but in the end YOU are the only one that can help yourself. Everyone else is a tool for you to use to get better. Use them to get better for yourself, your kids and your husband…but MOST OF ALL FOR YOU!!

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  3. None of this means you are a bad person or deserve to be treated the way you have. The Mental Health System is broken. Unfortunately you are a casualty of that. I’m not sure where you live but depending where you are I would try different locations for help. When I first started on this journey the state told me I had to use the place in my County because it was “closest”. It also had the worse staff in History. The one in the next town over was actually closer and didn’t mimic my stutter. I made enough noise and may have mentioned “The People With Disabilities Act” or a lawyer but eventually they acted like they should have. My mom always said “You get more with honey than you do with vinegar”. I always try it that way first. After that all bets are off. lol Good Luck!

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  4. You are a good person, an amazing woman, mother and wife who is taking on a load of responsibility and emotional toil that no one wants to imagine having to shoulder with support let alone with out. You do need to put YOU first so that you can support everyone else who is depending on you. You will find your way to rise.

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