I’ve officially had enough

​Seriously on top of everything else another dead chicken and one not looking good. After one died a few weeks ago in the heat. I put up a shelter for shade. Thanks to the wind it came down n killed one. Another was trapped underneath n hoping it’ll be ok. Come on universe I’ve had enough bullshit. I can’t even take care of fucken chickens. This is cruel. All I fucken want in this world is to take care of people and things I love and I can’t even do that


6 thoughts on “I’ve officially had enough

  1. I am sorry about your chicken. If you want to have chickens again. I recommend the American Game Fowl. Ours prefers sleeping in trees, even in stormy weather. She is free range. We have had neighbors chickens come to visit. Sometimes she goes out on ‘vacation’ and returns. You have to let them be raised outdoors by a hen who teaches them outdoor living. Smartest chickens I ever saw. She even tries to come inside and steal the cats food. She was a fierce mama, but all her chicks were roosters and we didn’t have room for three aggressive roosters. American Game Fowl is a great hardy breed.

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