My marriage is over

I don’t want to bloody hear that its all gonna be ok n it’ll get better. I’ve reached a point where I need his stuff gone can’t keep seeing it. I’ve told him what it’ll take to underdo  it that simpling a text. In a warped way I’m hoping it’ll shock him into taking action of his mental health. Maybe shock him into realising what I’m going through. Either way after 10 or so months of marriage I have lost my best friend and husband. I’m devastated beyond everything. Its the last thing I want


6 thoughts on “My marriage is over

  1. I am so sorry. I won’t say it will be ok, because right now it won’t be. But taking it one step at a time is the only way to go. Go forward. Hold your children, look into their eyes and make it better for them. Hold onto each other. My thoughts are with you.


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