Finally got an appointment with

A lady who works for a company that supports families with a family member who has mental health issues. I must admit I like her. She’s a straight talking no bullshit kinda women. And I respect that. Yesterday when we meet we when more in depth in our relationship, what issues, any fights, etc. Also his past and mine. To try and get a whole picture to better help us. She’s contacting the advocates so that they can push for a one on one meeting with my husband and I in a supported environment. I fully support it and hope it happens. As she has said it a complex situation and without me speaking to him I’m going to continue to be in limbo. Her stance is weather he wants our marriage, doesn’t know or doesn’t he needs to tell me. She has had the same negatively from mental health so she’s bypassing them to another organisation. I don’t know what will happen. Weather he’d even agree to a meeting let alone turn up. But its a last ditch attempt to make some kind of progress. She’s said I’m being very real about my expections. That either he’s really sick or he just doesn’t want me. But agrees the system has grossly let down our family and actions needed. She believes mental health need to stop allowing sailor to hide behind them. That he needs to pick his truck up and give me notice. She’s also knows I admit to fault in our marriage that I’m not deflecting it all to him. That based on the lead up to him going that there was not indication he’d leave. The fact that I’m open to work through things and not demand he just come home. In new Zealand to get a divorce you have to wait 2 years until you’ve been legally separated. That he also has to speak to me regarding separating our stuff if he does want out. That its time I get answers. She’s also hoping that him seeing me may snap him even a little bit from what he’s going through so I can support him. Bit who knows another waiting game


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