Get real world

If you have depression or any other more mental illness like bpd you don’t just get over it. Getting told to take care of yourself is the way to go. Put you first. Blah blah blah mental illness doesn’t work that damn way. And for people like me do everything in their power to get well it makes it so much worse. I can’t just put me first I have two children. Yes I do put me n them first. I cook, clean, take care of to businesses, 10 chickens, gardens, study, shower. Eat, sleep. Telling me to just move on or get over it does not help me. I makes me feel worse. Getting offended if I don’t feel up to talking or disrespecting what I right. Judging me and how I’m handling this situation is pure bullshit. If it was just a break up of the marriage sweet I’d know time heals I’d be able to greive. But knowing know my husband has not been seen by anybody including his team causes panic and anxiety. And I’m fucken sorry to those who disagree but you cant just stop worrying, caring and loving g someone. I don’t even know if I’m married or separated. So to hell with the haters. I’m doing the best I can in a situation that most people haven’t been in. If your only going to write negative shit on here you will have your comments deleted and I’ll block your arse. Because the last thing I need is know it alls telling me how I should feel and what I should be doing 


7 thoughts on “Get real world

  1. I have read a lot of information that links mental disorders to mineral and vitamin deficiencies especially the vitamin b’s. Studies have shown that people benefit greatly when filling these nutrient deficiencies. Everyone deserves to live a life being able to keep themselves in balance. Best wishes!

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  2. I am thinking about you, and commented back on some of your posts with nice words, not hate, but don’t know if you have read them. Listen to the positive from us. I need help really bad, but the state insurance doesn’t cover mental health. Ineed to be on meds. I have BPD, and ADHD. It is very hard for others to understand who don’t have it. My husband says I love to argue, but that makes me really angry, because I am very defensive. Meditation is good to do, but not a fix all. Sending good vibes your way my friendXO

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