If I could do it all over again sailor

I would still have giggled like a teenager when you asked me if it was appropriate to hit on me. I’d still have dressed up before so I looked my best in front of you. I’d still have said yes when you proposed 3 times. I’d still have said I do and married you. I would also do things differently id not take it for granted you’ll always be here. Every kiss would be like the last. I’d try to yell less and ask you to open up a little more. I would’ve sorted marriage counciling like we agreed so we could learn to communicate even better. I wouldn’t have swept things under the carpet I would’ve opened up more. Id try harder to listen and hear you more. I’d love you harder. I would’ve worked on myself more so I didn’t gain so much weight and feel unsexy. I would’ve cleaned less and spent time with our family more. 

Sailor I would still be me but with improvements. I wish I could say it all to you. But now I can’t. But at the end of the day I don’t regret us. I’d never regret marrying you. But despite our now I still loved being married to you. While I wanted you for a life time I only had you for a short time. But that short time gave me so much more then a husband, love, marriage. It gave me a new me in many ways. I explored things I’d never dreamt of I’d done things I thought impossible. Most of all I had you. Where ever your are my sailor what ever your doing. I truly hope you one day can look at the time we were together as a positive in your life to. You taught me to feel the fear and do it anyway. I love you a little bit I love you alottle I loved you then and I love you now. You are a man who’s worth a million times more then you realise and I’m proud to say I was your wife. 


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