I’m a mess

My life’s a mess. I can’t sleep, I can’t eat, my homes a mess cause of my back. I’ve done and doing everything suggested. I just can’t see a way through this. Biggest part his hubby. But there have been other on going issues for me to. I’m sick of feeling this way


6 thoughts on “I’m a mess

  1. Oh dear. Please be gentle with yourself, send yourself as much LOVE as you can, every day… and remember to BREATHE. (It sounds so banal, but we forget to breathe when the stress mounts, and it affects our physical and mental states).

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  2. You need something to pour yourself into and release this energy- yoga and weightlifting are my go-tos when everyone else lets me down I go to the gym or the studio and get lost in it for an hour and even when I’m depressed it doesn’t FIX that but It helps me take a baby step to where I want to be❤ seems like you have a lot going on so this might not work for you but wanted to share just in case


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