My mum has cancer

​On top everything with my hubby I just got told my mum has breast cancer. She has 2 yearly mammograms. Wasn’t there last time and is now. She had a biopsy yesterday n scans where they confirmed it. She goes back Friday to find out a treatment plan, but they’ve already told her surgery. Its small it I’m terrified. She has other health issues. I’m scared


36 thoughts on “My mum has cancer

  1. You have every right to be scared. My mother-in-law had it a few years ago and it was very frightening. She is doing well now and I pray your mother is well in time. They can heal breast cancer remarkably well as long as it is caught early. Sounds as if this one was. Prayers for you.


      • I have never heard of aspirin for asthma, but I know about how it is a problem with heart patients before surgery. She should not have to be off the aspirin for too long, (I am no expert) and maybe there will be something for asthma that will work for a short time. Oh, the layers of stress with everything that has to do with health and illness.


  2. I am thinking about your mother, and you during this time. My mother had breast cancer in her late 70s. She was in stage 3 at the time she found out, had chemo (I was with her during), and a mastechtomy. got a prosthetic, but doesn’t wear it all of the time. She is 85 now, and enjoying life with family. We are very close, and so blessed God brought her through. Many prayers for your mother. Love, love, love, RuthXO


  3. Life is so cruel! I’m thinking of you all at this sad time. My grandma has had cancer twice and it effects everyone. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. I hope she has a speedy recovery!


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