My sons in shock

I just sat him down my baby my boy is only 14 years old. I had to tell him his grandma who he’s always been super close to has cancer. My heart broke in a whole new way. The look on his face is one I’ve never seen before. I explained what’s been happening he’s the kind of kid that deals with things better if he’s told. I showed him a graphic of the size, explained that its been caught early, she will need surgery to have it removed and we are wait till tomorrow to kbow the rest of her treatment plan which maybe cemo etc. I told him the doctors have said its something that’s treatable and she’ll be ok. He shut down. He walked if ba (grandma) was ok. I told him she’s been positive and he asked who knows. He looked like he went into shock. He went straight inside to his computer. I know he needs to process it in his way. I just want to take his pain away. I’m broken trying to help him 


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