I don’t want to think about him. 

It hurts to much. I feel like I failed him and me. Like now I’ve abandoned him and our marriage. I’m angry at me for not being stronger and sticking in longer. I’m hurt mental heqlh have let us both down in the situation. I’m still scared for him, worry doesn’t go away. I’m taking care of me and the kids and my mum. I doing it all. And I’m just broken. He is the love of my life. We Kew more about each other then not couples cause we meet in therapy. I’m not able to process it, there’s no logical to any off it. I physically feel like I’m going to be sick. 


3 thoughts on “I don’t want to think about him. 

  1. It is the darkest before the dawn… Although, pain may last long, your love, care and compassion towards to your children and mother is and will always be accepted and their radiating love also comes back to you. It is a different type of love, yet, if you can focus your thoughts on them, you can give even more, and in the realm of heart, that is a way of healing: giving more to those who accept…

    Take care!



  2. It’s so hard to try and take care of yourself let alone other people, family, children and mental health issues! Everyday is and will be a stuggle, but your other posts show that you are a strong, caring well meaning individual! Life is hard but it’s also rewarding! He knows your struggles better than anyone else! You are not letting anyone down! Everyday you get up and you fight the demons that plague your every though! You are so much stronger than you give yourself credit, everyday is a battle and you are winning! This is a momentary setback you will come out of this stronger, everyday is a fight and as long as you keep fighting you are not letting anyone down! Time heals all
    Wounds!, you have achieved so much


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