Aren’t they great never returning calls. I’m just after advice. I won’t sign a separation or divorce either way that’s 2 years away. I need to know in this situation what my legal rights are. Sailors stuffs still here including a truck under his name. All his personal belongings. Tools etc. I won’t just get rid of them. But have to know at what point should I choose to get rid of it all. If I can how when etc. Why the fuck is it so hard to get a real person on the phone or a call back. My life is hard enough without the complete bullshit add on top. Wish I could just get a damn answer from someone. I’m sick to death of being punished for shit I haven’t done. Looked down on by the mental health team and blamed for everything. I’m just sick


2 thoughts on “Lawyers

  1. Everything becomes more complicated and draining when the government and lawyers get involved. You have the right plan, though: don’t make a move unless you check with a legal expert first. It’s sad that that is how it has to be, but it’s the only way to keep things from devolving even further. Take care of yourself and those you love!


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