What a day

My first day in class for my chef training, I loved it felt like I was back home. Its going to do me good, something positive to focus on and a distraction. Felt good getting out of the house.

My girl had her first day of after school care and loved it. My boy had cooking and proudly brought home some treats he made us. They’re both over tired and emotional but so happy to hear their sailors ok.

I chatted to my mum. She’s having a nervous day the cancer society is going to see her tomorrow where she’ll get information. I want to be there with her but mama put her foot down and told me to go to school.

I’ve had so many messages and calls about my husband today. People are incredibly supportive but suddenly gone into over protective mode. I believe people think I’m just going to forget the last few months have him home and carry on. Don’t get me wrong I do wish that could happen. But I won’t allow it. We both have a lot to deal with, my eyes are wide open. There has to be support in place and things dealt with before that could even be talked about. I’m going to text him tomorrow for his birthday. But then its up to him for a while to fight for our marriage to. He needs to get himself well. But for the time being I’m basking in the joy of the few precious moments we shared. I’m going to allow myself to think positive and hold onto the hope. I need to refill my tanks so before I face the reality of the mountain we have to climv I’m just going to enjoy the moment


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