Geez it doesn’t rain but it pours

I told my best mate a few days ago when talking about heading to the doctors that my life’s already crazy why not add more crazy by getting checked. I’d convinced myself that the tests would be fine everything would just keep chugging along unti

um went to see the doctor this afternoon. He did an exam and found a lump in my right breast under the vein that came up a few months ago. He said hopefully is innocent, a cyst or something because it moves. But he said something about 3cm (do t kbow if that the guessed size or what) he was surprised it didn’t hurt. I explained I do regular self checks n didn’t notice it. He said cause of mum n the family history he’s sending me for a scan and mammogram asap if I don’t get send by hospital in 3 weeks I’m to go back. He said mum sees oncology they’ll loom into doing gene testing. 

All I can think is my life is like a bad movie that no one would believe because its so crazy but its my life at the moment.


7 thoughts on “Geez it doesn’t rain but it pours

      • Keep thinking positive. Worrying about the future doesn’t work. Just makes us feel worse. You don’t know.
        You aren’t trained to feel what doctors do, don’t beat yourself up. They aren’t even suggesting self exams any more because rarely is anything found that way. Often false alarms are the only thing that comes from it.
        Think good thought. You are a warrior.


    • Yup I agree. I spoke to the hospital n they got my referral so I’ll have tests within 3 weeks and see specialist within 3 months. Unless its worse case n my appointment will be pushed forward. Scary tho because there’s signs I’ve missed n realise I have and they unsure how long the lumps been there n its large. But time will tell

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