Trying to shift my focus

From the negatively and bad thoughts. Im trying to curb the insecurities I’m feeling. I’m trying to be understanding and see things from Hubby’s view. But instead of succeeding I’m failing miserably. At the moment for work he’s staying about 5 minutes away. I know he’s working, what motel n room he’s in. The people he’s with. And normally I’m completely ok with it and miss him. But tonight I’m jealous. That he’s with a heap if work/friends. I’m jealous they get his friendship and focus. I’m jealous that they can hang out and chat. They’re good people who I’ve meet before a few times and don’t have an issue with them. I’m not concerned about what he’s doing or who he’s with. It’s a different jealous. I want to call him and even tho he’ll answer I know its not the right thing to do. But because of the past 2 1/2 months I’ve changed from a strong, secure women to a jealous, insecure, weak minded fearful women. I hate it. I trust him. But I’m mind fucking myself but thinking well over thinking so mqny things. Feeling like an idiot. I don’t want to share my husband’s time with anyone. I want him her with me end of story


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