So angry 

My husband shared a police reports of problems with our neighbour before Christmas and his breakdown. I’m so angry throughout the reports they have out right lied, withheld information, blamed my husband and I. They’re reasoning we’re mentally unwell. That they are correct, however especially my husband’s mental health went down hill after weeks of verbal abuse, to us and our kids, 3 cars and property damged, abuse from the kids and the parents. I haven’t told my husband but it has continued since he left. They claimed we refused mental health support, that is incorrect. That they referred us to victim support they didn’t nor did they turn up. Claimed housing mangers turned up countless times, our one never did but his manger did once.  These kids are out of control, swearing, violence, kicked out of school, trashing their houses, theft and the list goes on. Yet here we are blamed. I’m speechless. Because we couldn’t just move they stated they couldn’t do anything more to help us. Issue, we’re in a housing crisis in my town and there’s no fucken houses to move to. So this vile scum of society can terrorise people and we as the victims are blamed for it. Shit I’m fucken ropeable


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