4.5 hours 

Study done after 5+ hours of housework, cooking etc its now midnight and I’m ready to pack it in for the night. I love studying, bit I envy those who have a flare for recall and study. I do practical and I ace it. I read a text book and its gone. Super frustrating. But my hard work will pay off. Sadly my Hubby’s been away for work and won’t be back for another 4-5 days. But tomorrow Ive got a busy day. But enjoyable. My kids want to go to my school. So we’ll head in and get my work all printed out and check it all out again. Then will head over to my mums to check up on her after her op and to hang out. We’ll head to town to buy my boy new school shoes. Movie with my girl. House work. More study. Then a long hot bubble bath and a glass of bubbles. 


3 thoughts on “4.5 hours 

  1. Good for you studying. It is hard to retain all the information. The kids will love visiting your school. This is where Mom goes. Ooaah, nice to have a bubble bath. Sorry for not visiting much. My hubby had an operation, and a lot of medical appointments before. Hard to be online all the time because of this. He is recovering now, and will be a lot better since the operation finally done. Love to you and familyXO


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