Argh help please fellow bloggers

Study help please fellow bloggers I’m a visual hands on learner

I’m studying level 4 chef training and loving it. I’m keeping up and doing well but having a few struggles.

Practical classes I’m doing well, I video the classes and from there watch them and write my notes. Its time consuming but working.

When it comes to theory I’m getting a bit worried. I can read the text books and understand everything but when it come to remembering a few days later I get mind blanks. 

We have our first big exam in July with food safety and multi choice culinary. Also will be getting a list off approx 400 culinary terms we have to remember and understand what they are, plus most are in French. Scared coz at school (I’m nearly 33) I flunked all my exams because I panicked and froze. Feeling the pressure because I got top front of house student last year but was only level 2. And I want to prove to myself and everyone that I’m actually good at something

What’s some study tips so I can improve my recall? 


11 thoughts on “Argh help please fellow bloggers

  1. Perhaps you could find a way to turn learning all the culinary implements (for example) into a bit of a game, to help change the old fearful pattern of cramming for exams then freezing-and-forgetting on the day. Maybe make yourself some flash cards each week (in pictures and words) and stick them (a few at a time, hardest first) around the house – on the fridge, on the worktop, next to the oven, by the TV – and remind yourself of the name and purpose of each one every time you see them – and ask the kids to test you too every time they walk past. I often find taking a more visual approach in a non-threatening way helps reduce the enormity of it all, takes away the scary seriousness, stops me panicking so much… it sounds silly, but sometimes it actually works ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • I really like that. I was just trying to think how I could put things up around the house. I’ll give it a go. Talked to my boy earlier, coz my hubby wants to give me mini quizzes when he’s home n my boy will help. I like the idea coz yea the pressure and anxiety get to me so this could really help thank you

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  2. Hi well done on learning a new skill that is awesome. With the work that I do I would recommend 2 things….
    1. When we are anxious we come out of the thinking part of our brain and into the emotional/fight or flight part of the brain and we prepare for danger instead of learning/remembering. The best way to get yourself out of this is through breathing there are lots of fabulous techniques you can use, the easiest and best is to do square breathing.
    Square Breathing Instructions
    Imagine drawing a square with your breath or literally draw a square with your finger.
    Up one side of the square breathe in for a count of 3
    Across the top of the square hold your breath for 3
    Down the side of the square breathe out for a count of 3
    Across the bottom of the square hold your breath for 3
    And repeat 3 or 4 times. It’s the equivalent of pressing the reset button on an electronic gadget.
    If you can practice this daily its a but like doing “reps” in the gym, the more you can practise the quicker and more effective it will be in the exam.

    2. You mention that you came top last time and want to do that again. That’s a lot of pressure to be under and is possibly why your brain keeps going into fight or flight and makes you think you can’t remember anything (you can, you are just not on the thinking part of your brain).
    So as well as the breathing exercises could you also build up your internal strength for believing in yourself and being exactly perfect as you are right now.
    Every day list on paper or mentally all the things you have achieved that day and all the things that you are great at.
    Developing your own inner cheerleader and recognising how awesome you are and taking away the pressure of passing the exam at the top as being the thing to recognise.
    You are awesome, go recognise that everyday.

    Good luck ๐Ÿ€ ๐Ÿ€ ๐Ÿ€ ๐Ÿ€

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  3. study habits always need to be adjusted to fit your own particular ways of learning, but here’s a couple ideas that often help with recall and building confidence:
    1) create flashcards: concept on one side, answer on the other; carry them around and quiz yourself. But quiz yourself when you’re out waiting in line or something like that. Helps keep the ideas fresh and also helps keep anxiety from being associated with a specific location or task.
    2) teach someone else what you’re learning; it forces you to learn the material and organize it in a different way.
    Just some ideas; good luck! You’ll figure it out.


  4. If you are a visual person, Ruth’s advice will work. Also try to create a picture to illustrate/explain each term. You may actually enjoy creating the pictures and as the complete learning process involves your visual/auditory/feeling senses, you may start to remember the terms by seeing them, remembering the fun/feeling in creating the pictures and saying them out loud (hearing how well you can pronounce them). You go and make learning loads of fun!!


  5. Flash cards should help. You can try creating visuals for the various terms you need to learn, and then connect those images together. Both images and connections should be rather eccentric to be memorable – for instance, an elephant standing on a shoe which frog is trying to bite, or whatever – each image should give you an association to the term you are trying to memorise. Also you might read this post: – the beginning is somewhat scientific, but then it gets into the practical techniques. You can do it! Good luck!


  6. take time to get enough sleep. nothing robs your brain of its memory like sleep deficit… your brain will actually process what you study better if you allow it some rest in between your busy life during the day… praying for you… โค


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