When your baby looks to you

To take away her pain and you can only hug her, is one of the most painful parts of parenting. I’ve had her back at the docs for a second half cast. It was horrible. Not only we’re we delayed and their a few hours, but when we were actually seen the doctor barely even acknowledged my girl n I, but wouldn’t answer questions. Then the nurse was rude and really rough, not seeming to care the pain this child was in. Because of that we were home past her dinner and bed time which had her over tired. Laying next to her just reassuring her, giving her cuddles, she looked miserable wanting me to take the pain away. So hard when all we want to do is make it all better


5 thoughts on “When your baby looks to you

  1. Prayers for your family! I often wished I could take on the pain of my two children when they were hurting. You are doing all you can do and part of my prayer for you is that you realize you are a good, mother, wife and daughter who is going through one challenge after another. You have to be a strong person to do that!


  2. It is sooooo painful to go through a situation beyond your control where you feel like you can’t do anything to take the pain away. The truth is that just being there by her side you are showing your love and support. Stay strong this to shall pass!


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