No longer a single mama

This week it’s dawned on me that for the 1st time in nearly 15 years old being a mama to my beautiful babies. That Im not longer a single/solo mama. Things are so strong with my hubby. My generous, loving, incredible sailor. Not only do I feel feel supported, but I know my kids do to. It’s an amazing feeling. I never thought I’d feel like this. I always thought I’d feel like a single mum. Doing get me wrong I loved being me and the kids. But knowing i not only have my hubby back. But we have him back. I feel we’re strong now then ever before. We had some of the most heart breaking times. And I no doubt we’ll have tough times. But I now know we’re in this together. I’ve never felt more content, more supported, more loved. Tears are welling up at the pure happiness and pride I have in my hubby, our kids and myself. Life is magical. 


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