I did it!!! I’ve graduated

From teen Mom, highschool dropout. To proud wife, mama of two and chef graduate. After 12 months I’ve finally finish my chef training level four. Going onto my level 5 diploma next year. So proud to finally have achieved an good education. I’ve always been to scare to try. But I passed with 20 out of 24 practical dishes first attempt, merits and distinction in theory. Thank God for my hubby and kids. They’ve put up with so much, me been gone for hours, days between full time study and work. Me being distracted, tried, emotional.  I’ve done this for me, but them as well. I do worry I’ve been gone from them to much. I’m looking forward to spending time together as a family, one on one time with the kids and quality time with my sailor. Just one day into my break I’ve realised how tired the kids are, it’s been a huge year for them, to much heartache. And today I’ve seen how much my hubby is struggling. In many ways I feel he’s doing so well, working so hard with the gardens and our future, providing emotional support, kind, loving. But it dawned on me he is struggling. I know I’ve contributed to it. That makes me sad. We can all have our tough days, I just really hope he knows I’m truly here for him. Not to judge him, or to try fix things. But to walk beside him, support him. I let him down a year ago but never again. I’m grateful I’ve finished school for the year. I can finally concentrate on being a good wife and mama.