I have a wicked sense of deja vu

How ever I truly hope it’s my fears not my reality. I guess only time will tell. I’m low I found some hard truths today that just proved again I’m clueless at picking up sign from those im closet to. Oh well time to go do some mindfulness meditation and attempt sleep. And hope like hell I wake tomorrow with a fresh prospective. It hurts being triggered so much from past events that I can’t change or fix. Not can I prevent them from happening again. I have to allow others to find there footing, feel their emotions and process in there own ways. Even though it’s tearing my heart in a million pieces. So so many unanswered questions. Sometimes life just feels that no matter how hard I try to succeed as a wife, a mama , a student and chef that it’ll never be good enough, that as soon as I feel positive the negatives slide in. 

1 thought on “I have a wicked sense of deja vu

  1. Funny – I had one of those moments yesterday evening, after ‘a close one’ made some comments on a presentation 6 weeks ago! And where I ended up storming around the house, making a noise and questioning why no one saw the effort I made!! All quite childish on both our parts and I finally landed on the bed writing a couple of cards and quotes to others. It’s easy to say/ write, hard to do, but try to forgive (no point poisoning yourself with holding grudges) and do not get discouraged – you have to take care of yourself! You can do it 🙂


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