Making new memories on a day the brings sadness

This time a year ago our life as we built it changed. For me unexpected, scary, heartbreaking. I don’t want to rehash it right now. But I finally fell asleep at 3:30ish this morning after tosing and turning playing into my fear and anxiety I woke this morning. To a call from my hubby. He’s away for work and I’m struggling with it. He was ringing just to tell me he loved me and will be back. The word’s that mean the most to me in our marriage. Then it dawned on me something my hubby told me last week. We need to make new memories on days that have been hard in the past. So today instead of focusing on all the thoughts screaming around my head I’m going to focus on good things. We’re going to a jewellery party then this evening I’m taking my mama and kids to a kids Christmas lights. I went to as a kid. So heres to making an effort to change my mindset and keep focusing on the future

2 thoughts on “Making new memories on a day the brings sadness

  1. How trite the words of sympathy are even though I know they are heartfelt. I’ve uttered them many times myself. But there are times in the darkness of night when the brains swirls, churns, and spits me out exhausted and without rest for another day. My Nana used to say it was all temporary and that comforted me as a kid. I admit there are times at the bewitching hour of 3am where that thought terrifies me. Sorry for your pain and restless nights. Great post, vivid and true.


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