It’s been a long time

Since I posted last. Life’s crazy busy but I love it. I’m back at school level five diploma in patisserie. We have regional comps coming up end of next month. And I’m feeling under pressure. Last year I entered two. A live which I received winner of class and a silver medal. And a static which I received a silver medal, and by points I came officially second against a chef with more experience. I’m still so proud. But now the comps are coming up I’m feeling odd. I’m entering 3 this year wear as many of my class are entering one.

I’m competing in the artisan bread static, where I have to produce 3 loafs, a lean, enriched and flat bread, with condiments. So I’ll do a double hydration cibbata loaf. A duck fat and bacon brioche and a foccaica still not sure which. I’ll make a artichoke ppaste and homemade butter.

Then the cheesecake, I’m doing a Bailey’s white chocolate cheesecake with a espresso, dark chocolate cremeux in the centre, a dark chocolate glaze, garnished with Bailey’s cream, chocolate covered coffee beans and gold leaf.

Then the dessert live I have 1 hour to produce a restaurant quality dessert. I’m doing a short crust tart, with raspberry fuild gel, cream cheese mousse, mango cream. Garnished with fresh mango and cubes of set raspberry gel, likely with flowers and gold leaf.

Issue being I feel overwhelmed. I had disasters for my practice runs and felt like a failure. Hubby said to focus on one element at a time and perfect that. Father then the whole item.

So I’m preparing my notes, recipes, drawings at the moment. I’m going to listen to hubby and one thing at a time. But looking at my notes I feel in over my head.

Ive two incredible tutors who I want to prove I have what it takes. I want to show them I’m worth it that I can be top of class. That I’m going to be a great chef. I want to prove to my hubby and kids that the sucifices they make for me are worth it. I want to succeed not fail. I feel expected to get gold and winner of class in all three. Maybe I’m putting that expectation on myself. It feels to much. God I just hope I can pull it all off.


15 thoughts on “It’s been a long time

  1. I’m pretty sure you can do it!!! You’ve hung in there this long, this will be a piece of cake (no pun intended) compared to a lot of things you’ve been through…Remember who you are and where you came from and you’ll do it…I have faith in you, blessings dear ❤

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      • Let me know how you do ❤ I was in a culinary school, and it was hard. Besides I was too old and I hate math and when they started converting measurements, I knew I was done. My life is being a homemaker and wife, mother and grandmama. I'm happy with that…Good thing I have a husband (39 years) who has taken care of me.

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      • I understand that the math is the worst part lol especially food costings. I to was a home maker n single mama for 13 years. I started young in the hope I’d one day have a career. We have to do what makes us happy and content 🙂

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  2. How wonderfully exciting! So happy to hear that things are going so well. Best wishes for the comp. For me, taking time off to re-relax always helped at test time and end-of-term music performance juries. Much more than cramming/over thinking.

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