About three weeks ago I got gifted a scoby and starter tea, so milk kafir grains. I’d been talking to a friend about starting my girl on probotics. A few months ago she was diagnosed with an autoimmune skin disorder vitiligo, where she losing the pigment in her skin. And at the same time she’s had trouble with her tummy and severe car sickness. Also my hubby has been struggling with his energy levels. So I gave it a start.

Now I’ve become obsessive.

Starting with kombucha, so many flavours, from raspberry, strawberry, mango and ginger, blackcurrant

On to fermented feijoa fizzy just using the skins

Onto my milk powder and culture starter yogurt in both thick Greek style and drinkable

Then wanting to expand I’ve started aa ginger beer bug

Realising my milk kafir grains were sick I was gifted a new lot which I’ve started today fingers crossed

And lastly I adore making bread so wanted to make a sour Dough starter. Why make one right when I can make two. So attempting a wholemeal and a high ratio stater

Since I started my baby girl has only had a few sore times, bloatings gone and no car sickness. I’m hoping in time it’ll help my hubby and I love my 15yr old enjoys it all to.

Win win. Being creative while helping my family


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