Thank God for therapy right

Saw my therapist yesterday, had a complete melt down, tears, angry, hurt. I told her all my fears I’d kept hidden within myself. Realising I do have a good support network. I was triggered walking in to the building where Im getting my daughter help. Because when I’d been under them last. I had my break down, 2 attempts on my life and self harm. Due to my mental health I lost care of my kids, through false allegations and it took me months of fighting to get them home with me. I need to work on processing it and putting it back in its place. After therapy my girl asked me to hide my knifes so she can’t hurt herself (I’m a chef). As a family we talked through things. Then I broke down with hubby. But I realised he’s scared to, feels helpless. I’m not alone. I felt alone but I’m not. We as a family banded together. We as a family face this together not appart. It’s the start of a long journey but we’ve got each other. I’m not on my own with this. It’s not all on my shoulders. God I needed that. I needed to just break for a moment so I could regroup. While all the feelings are still there I’m feeling a sense of relief to

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