Wow 5 years since I started this blog

so much has changed for me. I was at my lowest point, out of hospital after 2 attempts technically homeless in a caravan. With out my children, in an a mentally abusive and controlli relationship. My future was dull, the life sucked out of me.

Now I’ve a home, my children with me. An amazing husband. I’m a qualified chef and studing a diploma in patisserie. About to go on a two week holiday.

Amazing how times can change. My lows now aren’t so low my highs I celebrate.

So grateful for what I have, love, success, family and a bright future.

Big thanks to all nearly 22 thousand of you. Some who have followed me from my first post. Wow just thankful for life

Can’t seem to win

If it’s not one person pissy or upset with me it’s another. No matter how much I do for other people never seems like it’s enough. I’m tired to. I’m mentally drained, I’m an emotional mess. Cut me some bloody slack