About take 2

Just a little bit of an update. I got quite distracted with my 365 days challenge. So have changed this blog to just be free. Free for me to just write about what comes into my mind. To post photos when I feel the need. And I’d like to just thank each and everyone of you who follows my blog, it means a lot

UPDATE 25/3/2015

So haven’t updated this for the longest time. As you’ll know I’m a mum to a tween boy and a young girl. The are my world. I have a number of hobbies cake decorating, chocolate making, reading, photography novice, new to the world if zentangle art, writing and of course this blog which has shocked me with its success.

I’m passionate about sharing my journey of mental health. I have ocd, BPD and social anxiety. I use my writing and photography as a way if therapy and fun.

My blog can be light hearted to extremely intense.

Hope you enjoy

394 thoughts on “About take 2

  1. Thanks for following FIGHTER FAITH. I’m providing a free copy of my e-book Far Better Men to service members, veterans, and e-mail subcribers. Come on back if you’re interested in this free digital download and updates on my upcoming book One of the Few: A Marine Fighter Pilot’s Reconnaissance of the Christian Worldview

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  2. Anxiety Panic Disorder? Sorry new to the acronyms. I have anxiety panic disorder, depression and a life filled with insane challenges–but I keep pressing on because I don’t have the ability to give up…for better or worse depending on the day. Today it is for the better…thank you again for the follow, you made my day! During finals this is no small feat. I’m also mom to 14 year old daughter–the crazy is overflowing at my lil abode. 😜

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    • Gryphon,
      Himself and I attend therapy (details are in some of my other replies in this blog) and one day we were both frustrated with the actions and attitudes of our kids.

      We listed a heap of things: constant sibling fighting, shouting, attitude, being unreasonable, always wanting, and then wanting more, the list went on and on and on.
      The therapist has kids and pointed out one item on our long list that needed attention, she gave advice (not detailed here for my child’s privacy) and then for the rest of the list she checked off: normal, normal, normal, normal, normal, normal, normal, normal, normal, normal, normal, normal. !!!

      So all of this stuff is going on in every other house with teens or tweens,,, and yes, it’s normal. It’s hormonal and it’s about growing up, finding their own space in the world.
      It’s about testing out how to be an adult, in the safety of their home and with the people they love and trust the most. Annoyingly the transition is not an easy one, for you or them. They have deep fears, anxieties and self worth issues, in the age of the camera on every smart phone, Instagram, Facebook and other social media, how you look becomes overly important.
      Kid fear that they won’t fit in. Fitting in is their whole world.

      I was of the idea that kids should have manners, do what they are asked when they are asked etc. Explosions ensued. We got advice on how to change this so NOW if they choose not to do their chores or help out with family tasks then, fine, zero pocket money at the end of each month. I’m not chasing them up and I’m not sweating it. They will learn that actions (or lack of them) have consequences.

      p.s. bonus they have been really cheap on the pocket money front in the last three months lol .. that’s their problem, not mine.

      Since completely taking my/our hands off the ” parental control” button, we have slowly seen a complete turnaround in our 14 year old daughter. It took some months before she realised that we *really weren’t* chasing her to do chores, help out etc… but that no laundry delivered to the washing machine meant that her favourite jeans were still filthy on her floor when she wanted to look good going out. No, we can’t wash and dry them in the next half hour.
      Yes, there was a tantrum, but slowly her laundry started to appear in the laundry basket.

      Gradually she started to speak to us more reasonably, ask nicely when she wants something. She is taking charge of organising herself and she asks advice more and more. Of course we are FAR from out of the teenage tantrum woods, but bit by bit a small path is being cleared.

      Taking my hand off the Parental Control Button went totally against the grain for me, I thought she would go out of control, that she could learn more if she did it my way. I thought I was guiding her, instead it’s become clear that she needs to make her own mistakes and learn from them.

      That sometimes her shouting at me is because she is totally frustrated after having a really bad day, and she feels rotten about herself.

      It IS REALLY, REALLY HARD to realise that what she is doing IS NOT PERSONAL against ME, it’s just that she loves and trusts me enough to vent her true feelings, even if her rant comes out about something completely different, … who has the TV remote control, why we are eating THAT for dinner, how stupid a piece of homework is…. it’s her way of releasing all of that pent up frustration and anxiety.

      Our home is FAR from perfect but we are all working on being a family unit. They won’t been Tweens or Teens for ever, hopefully they come out the other side as wonderful responsible adults and kind, selfless human beings…
      The point of the exercise is the survive the transition and to let them learn *Their* way… to let them know that with more freedom comes more responsibility and that actions have consequence. But the bottom line is that no matter what, you love them and that they can come to you at any time for advice. They know that, but sometimes even you send them a laughing “I Love You” and they rant at you for it, deep down in their hearts it reassures them to hear it.
      This transition isn’t easy for them either.

      For the rest, expect madness and chaos… apparently its all completely normal !
      Sorry for the long long post… it’s just that your reply struck a chord. πŸ™‚

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      • Your comment hits home for me, I have a bad habit of the “parental control ” my 2 children are a little younger than yours but we are going through everything on that list. I have slowly been backing off a little bit and we have seen the tantrums but they are getting the point. Nice to know our kids are just being kids.


  3. You’re really brave for making this blog. Good for you for putting yourself out there with such honesty. I’m nominating you for the Liebster Award so hopefully more people will drop by your site! Keep being awesome πŸ™‚

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  4. Just took the time to read your about because I would check out your blog and didn’t understand it. Thanks for the follow and congrats on putting yourself out there. It’s hard to do and I know first hand. I hope that you would find peace within yourself and not let labels, disorders or any other health issues get in the way of living your life. Remember to take each day as it comes – thank God it is only one day at a time.

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  5. Thanks fort following my blog, I think like you it will be about ups and downs, im still a bit shy, because so many people have dropped me and lashed out, when i gott chronically ill with ME and Fibromyalgia, so step by step, I will try tot open up about it like you. You are a great example to me thanks πŸ˜‰ for inspiring and touching Love and Peace Steffie

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  6. Hi —
    Thanks for visiting “The Vanity Mirror” a while back.I’ve just now been sorting through the list of “followers”, primarily checking to see whether their interests jibed with mine and where they reside. I love seeing different countries’ flags on my stats page!!! I’m not a photography buff (although I enjoy beautiful nature photos), and I abandoned the writing of poetry a few years ago. However, I noticed a little spot on this “About2” page where I believe my pedagogical/editorial expertise might help you. Take a look at your words in one of the above sentences: “new to the world if zentangle art”. Is that “if” intentional, or should it be “of”?
    Just trying to be friendly helpful. Have a good day.

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  7. Thanks for the follow! Big Daddy has BPD. I have to tell you that we’ve been through a lot of what you’re going through in my house. For something like thirteen years, we couldn’t even get a solid diagnosis, and then it was the medication merry-go-round for a couple of years. I am incredibly astounded at your bravery sharing this publicly because I have seen first-hand the kind of stigma and BS BPD sufferers go through every single day. I hope that I can share with you what I have learned about compassion and understanding. Loving and living with someone with BPD can sometimes be scary, but love really is a incredibly powerful emotion, and it gives me a bottomless source of strength. One of the toughest things Big Daddy went through was accepting that what he was going through was normal. It never felt normal; no one ever treated him like it was normal, but it was normal for him, and there’s not a thing wrong with what his normal is. No one ever thinks about how important it is to feel “normal” even though there’s no solid definition of what that actually is. It’s a moment to moment kind of life. I have learned so much about my own capacity for compassion and love from BPD, and I have to tell you, being public about it already puts you ahead of the learning curve!! I’m honored to support your efforts!!

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  8. Hi . . . Thanks for stopping by Mocha Muse and for following the blog!
    I deeply appreciate it.I’ll take more time to explore your site as soon as I can, but, on first viewing, I love your photos. And I deeply understand your using writing and photography; creative expression in general, for therapy. I’m there, too!!

    Blessings ~ jayni

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  9. I noticed that you are following my blog which brought me to yours. Thanks for following. I’ve been doing photography for 50 years or so, including a scientific career in microscopy, photonics and geometric optics. I envy the fun your going to have as a “newbie/hobby photographer”. This is a exciting time for photography and blogging…bob

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  10. Blogging really is therapeutic! I too love to live life through pictures but that is not my gift! Thank you for stopping by to read and follow Hope for Today. I look forward to visiting your blog as well! God bless you, dear.

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  11. Hey Kelz! I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a ‘Versatility in Blogging’ award. I love your blog and felt that both you and it deserved a bit more recognition. You can find out more about the nomination in either my recent post about it or the blog that shares its name with the award. Have a great day! πŸ™‚


  12. Thanks for following my blog. I’ve spent the last 15 minutes, looking through your picture gallery and I have to say, you take some amazing photographs! I work with children that have similar social anxiety struggles and I admire your creativity to find a way to use your passion as a therapeutic tool. Very cool!


  13. I was diagnosed with bi-polar in my early 20s, then ADHD when I was 34. Taken medications, but didn’t really give them a chance. Now I am 54, and my negative ways and being defensive taunt me all the time. I am so thankful for God, my Mom, Dad, hubby, kids and grand girls in my life. I am so hard to get along with. I know, think 10 positives for every negative. Now, if I can only do this every second. Love ya, Kelz ❀


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