It was father’s day last week.

It was father’s day last week. Very bitter sweet. I have great respect for involved dads. But I don’t have my dad. We haven’t had any contact for nearly two years. My choice in the end (wrote a post “dear daddy” awhile ago explaining why). I really missed him this fathers day. Also my ex partner was going to adopt my children. He’s their daddy. I wish they could’ve seen him. Heck I wish I could’ve seen him. To wish him a happy daddys day. Much love to the dads xox

On a trip

Went on a trip down memory lane just randomly picking my old blog posts to look at. Its like reading about someone else’s life on the website. I’m very proud. Some of the posts blew me away with remembering what I’ve been through. How far I’ve come. How much I’ve survived. What I’ve lost and gained. I’m a little shocked with how open I’ve been. I’m proud I’m exploring my creative side. I’m proud that I hit rock bottom and clawed my way back. X