My Photography Gallery

Just some of my favourite photos i’ve taken 🙂 (all only taken with a crappy $80 camera) but i does love them 🙂

Folder 36 (89) Folder 11 (32)Folder 10 (37)Folder 21 (15)Folder 18 (38)1Folder 2 (135)1wpid-Folder-21-6.jpgwpid-Folder-30-45.jpg

Time for an update 25/3/2015






711 thoughts on “My Photography Gallery

  1. There are some really fine photographs in your gallery. My first love is writing, but photographs is a very close second. We had a progressive high school in my day, and we were allowed to take beginner and advanced photography classes for credit. We had a huge black-and-white dark room. I was on the year book staff. I did some class pictures and one wedding. My favorite pics were like the ones you have on your blog. I had a dark room and home, and did black-and-white. Color was just too tricky and too expensive. Just had my eye on a Canon digital camera today. I’m THIS CLOSE to buying it. I hope to see more from you.

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  3. Your photographs are terrific and yes, it is the photographer’s eye and ideas that make the photographs – the camera comes second! I look forward to seeing some more. I love the pink rose – stunning.

    Thank you for visiting my blog – Photography and painting are an essential part of life – healthy, healing, fun and endlessly interesting. My work last year (Shadows & Echoes) was created during a tremendously difficult and challenging time in my life, I poured myself into those little paintings, they helped me cope and get through. I hope your art can do the same for you too so keep going and enjoy.


  4. Hi, Beautiful shots… I have a small request…
    I have a “Poetry Challenge” going on in my blog… (Me and a friend are doing it…) Basically we think up a theme and write poetry to it… I was thinking of using a photo for the next theme…
    Would you mind if we used one of yours??


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