About time for some photos

Which do you like best and why?




Art Deco weekend

Abit of a follow on from my day 31 post. Every year we have an Art Deco weekend in my home town. I usually don’t take a lot of notice of the events happening. Cruise and navy ships take over our tiny little town an all goes crazy.

But this year I’ve been taking notice. Watching handsome men and classy women dress in the 1920s/1930s era. Watching the amazing cars driving around. Awesome events.


My favorite as the photo above. The air shows. This ways taking from my backyard which over looks the airport. Spit fires and not sure what other planes. A huge army helicopter. All performing incredible jaw dropping shows above my home. Planes looking like they are in a complete out of control tail spin then taking off into the sky. The helicopter doing tricks and stunts I never knew was possible. Hearing the constant roar of the planes over head. Can only be described and magical.

An amazing experience which has me waiting for next years events.