Day 108 of 365

Day 108 – I feel a shift within myself. A motivation to get creative, to express. Ball is rolling, first cake in the oven. Preparing to start cake decorating again. Stay tuned for pics later in the week

Time to keep myself busy

And save money at the same time. it also means i save so much time. I’m going to get my bake on. I make school lunches and snacks weeks in advance. I feel the I’ve achieved something when I so this. Seeing freezer, fridge, cupboards full of goodies.

Stayed tuned 🙂

Love the feeling ….

Of being able to sit back with a coffee and ciggy enjoying the good buzz of achievement. This weekend has been such a great one. I set myself tasks, this weekend being my kitchen. Dinners for a week in the freezer, at least six weeks of kids lunches in the cupboard and freezer. Everything from home made cakes and slices to sandwiches all pre wrapped ready to get out night before. Every cupboard cleaned and tidy. Saw my mummy and spent lots of time with my children. Hung out with my other three favorite people. Laughing, smiling and just enjoying the happiness from the little things. I’m sitting here smiling at the beautiful memories I now have. I’m well on to my way of a simple yet happy life. {live, laugh, love}