Happy Mama’s day

The cake I made my mama for mother’s day. A tradition of making her a cake each year 6th year. Progressed so much since the first year. Seven layers of chocolate cake with raspberry and butter cream. Handmade roses, flowers and leafs.

The end is near….

In less the a week the photography competition I’ve entered draws to an end and voting begins.

My understanding is the top 4  most popular across fb, instagram and twitter, the get judged to top 3 prizes 1st $5000, 2nd $2000 and 3rd $1000. Currently my sky photo on instagram is sitting at 3rd and my roaring fire one on Facebook is sitting at 5th.

This is a pure passion and my very first photo comp.

And I need a favour, could you take pretty please a few moments of your time to vote for me please



Facebook “roaring” the fire place currently at 102 votes


Instagram “sky” my top photo currently at 161 likes (just double tap for like)

Thanks so much for all that have voted so far and if you choose to vote

Thanks so much

Day 137 of 365

Day 137 – I’ve started product trailing and reviewing. Was lucky enough to be picked to trial a expensive new shampoo and conditioner. A friend commented how good and healthy my hair look. Felt good to be noticed

Day 2 – What do I know about blogging? Nothing!


Day 2 - What do I know about blogging? Nothing!

Yip I had heard about blogging, and to be honest I thought omg how boring, never read a blog, never thought of writing my own blog. Yet here I am.

About a week ago I thought why not I want a blog, it’s not enough that I had started a facebook business page or doing well on instagram, I had to start something new.

So I get on google and check out a few how to write a blog, how to start a successful blog, blah blah blah, top 10 hints and tips, more blah blah blah.

The top bloggers say, you have to be funny, write well, have something to talk about that everyone wants to hear. I had to laugh, I can’t spell, don’t write and funny well when I’ve had a few drinks maybe. And who wants to hear from someone in a place people don’t know about.

BUT … the one thing I do have is PASSION, passion for photography, for beautiful things. Whats your idea of beauty? Mine is stretch marks, mothers carry proudly. Laughter lines and wrinkles showing a persons true path. New colours, the tiny vains in bugs so small you usually wouldn’t see them. The twinkle in my daughters bright blue eyes when she laughs and the deep amazing dimples that show in my sons cheeks when he smiles at me.

Thats my idea of beauty, thats why I’m here, writing this blog, showing the world 365 photos of what I believe is true beauty.

So although I don’t have what the experts say makes a good blogger I’m here to stay

(the photo on this post was taken at night while I was sitting with my camera and try pod capturing the beauty in what was otherwise a sad day, do you love it? do you hate it? comment and let me know)

Night Kelz

(All photos are taken by me and original, copyright to kelzbelzphotograpy)