When a quote really speaks to you

I found this today and read it to my mum. Its what we’re all wanting for my husband. I just sat here writing him a card for three special occasions happening over the next few days. One for our 2nd anniversary, one for his birthday and one for valentines day. I put it in his truck with a postit note and some little chocolates. Maybe I’m mad, maybe I’m crazy but I hope one day he’ll read them and know I didn’t forget. I’m trying to be real and I know I won’t see him or hear from him tomorrow for our anniversary, but hope has me praying for the miracle that he finally reaches out. My head says I’m an idiot but my heart wants him so much. I’m a fool in love. But one day he has to pick his truck up and maybe then he’ll see them and read them

Happy birthday to my blog

Its offically kelzbelzphotography’s 2nd birthday today. I was hoping for a WordPress birthday badge lol but ill settle for


Ive been on such a journey with this blog and my many supportive followers. This week I’m having a throw back week of my favourite blogging moments from the past two years. Thanks so much everyone for all you encouragement and support

So much to do so little time

Its my girls birthday tomorrow and party the next day. Its dawned on me that I have alot still to do. Mmm ok that was a stretch of the truth everything still to do.

Forgot how much planning goes into a six year olds days.

Clean n fill pool (pool party theme)

Right breathe I got this lol I love my girl and she knows its not a big party etc. She’s happy and will be on both days. Must remember she doesn’t need perfect. Normally I’m sorted well in advance so I don’t get the day before freak out. Mmm must remember for next year

It has to be a positive day

Today both my children are back at school. Sitting here with my first coffee and smoke of the day. Children are already ready both excited to be out of the house and back with friends. My house is pretty much cleaned. Not so much I can physically do today as its done. But today needs to be a positive day. I’ll concentrate on my daughters birthday which is just a few days away.

Bitter sweet days

Yesterday Was bitter sweet day for me you see it was my ex partners birthday. We have been back in contact for six weeks (believe me there’s lots to the story with blogs post coming up). I’d decided to get him a little gift just a card lotto ticket (ongoing joke with us) and a keyring my daughter once told me he’d like. The plan was to text him just to say happy birthday. 204 texts later, so many things discussed and the day was over. Bitter sweet because while the amount of contact exceeded my expectations I didn’t get to see him. And I miss him. Today its worse. I wanted to make him his cake. I wanted to cook his birthday meal. I want to celebrate with him. As a family back together. Of course it didn’t happen. The had thing with me is that I didn’t realise it at the time but I had hopes for the day that weren’t ever able to be meet.

My baby has just turned 12

Oh my, my baby is 12! Happy birthday to my darling boy. I can’t believe how quickly time flies. From a new born to toddler. Now a preteen. He’s super handsome. So kind, sensitive and caring. My focused computer geek 🙂 he’s so ambitious, writing books, creating websites, straight a student. A wonderful big brother and the most precious son I could have ever hoped for. Much love my son happy birthday may your dreams come true xxx

Happy birthday my princess

To my darling princess,

Happy 8th birthday my niece. Aunties sorry I cant see you today but your in my mind and heart more then ever. Baby I hope one day you’ll understand why I am not in your life like I would love to be. Have a wonderful day.

Love you forever and always xox

Check list

Mental birthday party list goes a little like this.

– presents – check
– cake – check
– people coming – check
– kids showered and dressed – check
– camera ready and charged – check

Head off and get to venue

– candles – oh shit and dash to supermarket

Lol lucky I always leave early