I’ve graduated!!!!

Realised I’ve not posted in nearly a month. Life’s been crazy I’ve graduated my course n I’m start my first year of chefs training in February. Can’t wait to share what I’ve been doing. But for now I’m focusing on my babies n hubby n getting my house back in order lol

I’d be ever so ….

Honoured if you’d consider voting for me (huge thanks to those who already have) I’m currently 4th with 71 votes (I have a long way to catch up but hey every vote helps. Its

The fire one named “roaring”. And my first ever photography competition I’ve entered. I’d be so grateful if you could spare a minute of your time to vote

Here’s the link Roaring


Again thanks so much for supporting a aspiring photographer towards a goal I’ve dreamt about for 17years


As most who have followed

As most who have followed my blog know i love writing weather it be about my hobbies, my children, my loving partner. You may have notice not a lot has been shared here lately. For I lost my mmm not sure how to put it. Maybe confidence. Maybe writers block. But I’m back with a vengeance I can’t seem to stop. The ideas are flowing fast the I can write. My hands can’t keep up with with the flurry of ideas pumping through my veins. I’ve been waiting for this moment which I worried wouldn’t return. But it has it feels amazing.

Happy mothers day everyone

Been the best mothers day I’ve ever had. My sailor spoilt me with pancakes n maple syrup followed by mocha brownies topped with teramisu n grated dark chocolate. My darling kids brought me art stuff n beautiful mother candle holder. N helped clean up from breakfast. Feel amazing that sailor took kids to get me presents.

Waiting for my mama to turn up so I can give her her cake n card I made her