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Day 198 of 365

Day 198 – so I’m a girl who never saved. I’m not much of a spender either. You see I’m on a very low income with two children. My kids always comes first.

A few months a ago I set up payments weekly for old bills to become again debt free. Slowly but surely my bills are being paid. My confidence with money growing.

Then I did the unimaginable thing. I opened a savings account. The goal was to save $200 in two months to bus somewhere stay at a backpackers for a few days child and man free. A mini holiday which I’ve not had for 13 years.

Chatting with my aunty she gave me a savings idea. At the end of each day check my accounts. Say I had 43.50 in there transfer $3.50. Any thing less the $5 straight to the savings and I’m proud to say I have reached $125.43 in 4 weeks.

I’m proud because I didn’t think it was possible, didn’t know I could do it. The fact I’ve not touched my savings. And me and my kids haven’t missed out on anything and don’t miss the money from my normal budget.

However now I face a mini dilemma lol do I continue on my holiday goal which I so desperately need. Or do I up my goal and really challenge myself to by the camera I’ve dreamt off?

Decisions decisions lol either way people I have savings yay

They say the contents of a handbag

can say a lot about a women? I’ve seen many posts asking what a person has in theirs. Well I don’t have a handbag to start with. Just a good old back pack lol. So here’s mine, ciggy’s, a lighter, my phone, a single house key, camera, netbook and a packet of chewy.

Seems pretty boring really. Happily not a girly girl needed lots of space for makeup and that stuff. I guess my bag would describe me as, a computer nerd with an addiction to ciggys ahahaha.

Whats in yours? or lovely men out there what fills your pockets.

My first prints

For the first time since I started photography, I finally went and got some off them printed. So exciting to see them in print. Some were cropped which I was not impressed by, however was a great learning curve, as the guy at the store explaining why they cropped and what I could do to change it. While I was looking through the photos, one of the other guys in the department came over. Asking if he could take a look as the colours caught his eye from across the room!!!! Quite the chatty store assistant was incredible to talk to. He asked how long I’d been taking photos for, what camera I use etc. He was shocked when I told him just over a year and my trusty $80 Samsung. He goes “well I’ve been a photographer for 45 plus years, please keep taking photos. He sang my praises, I was pretty speechless (like I am on here when my wonderful followers give me such compliments). He said “you’ve got the eye for this, contrast, colours, close-ups”. And how much my passion shows in my prints and my eyes when I was looking over them. I’m blown away just blown away. Argh maybe I can make this dream come true after all 🙂

A few of my favorite things – The Kitchen Table Cafe

Over the next little while, I want to share some of my favorite places and favorite things in my little town. Here goes

Sitting in my favorite cafe. “the kitchen table cafe”.


I don’t know where to start. It’s an amazing place. Spectacular, coffee and food. It’s a photography/art gallery/cafe in one. The owners Kath and Shayne are incredible, so very welcoming and friendly. You never know what you’re going to get when you walk it. It really is a place for anyone and everyone


From homeless, to business men and women. Photographers, artists, breast feeding mums. The have a piano set up in the corner, Mixed matched tables and chairs. Couches, books inspiration. They have different exhibitions from new talent, to experienced artists and photographers.


. It’s one place that I just feel at home. Right now I’m writing this one my laptop, enjoying my coffee, surrounded with comfort of music and it feels like home. From free cooking classes and Wednesday morning knitting group. It’s just magical feel.


Oh crap its finally happened….

Oh crap its finally happened. Its something I was told would happen. I’ve … I’ve … Become one of those … God I don’t know If I can say it. Its taken me just over 30 years to become a …. Gr .. Gr .. Damn I’ve just got to say it. Here goes ‘I Kelzbelz have become a grown up’. Yip a real adult. Well in the financial sense. I pay my bills, not on time but early. The debt I’ve avoided for a few years a getting paid little by little. But still the will be paid off. Birthdays and Christmas are done. My kids and I can some times get little treats. And man it feels good 🙂

Day 174 of 365

Day 174 – man I’m enjoying being creative. Normally its when I’m low or depressed that I can express myself. But at the moment I’m enjoying life and wow, my mind is full of ideas for photography, I cant seem to stop writing, plus my little art projects. Aw life is good