Creative in the kitchen

My whole life I’ve doubted my abilities with cooking. As a mama I’ve had no choice but to keep going. I love cooking and baking and find it so rewarding. Lately I’ve been trying some many new things. And I’d say I’ve had a success rate of about 90%.

I’ve made simple but yummy eggs Benedict, fruit crumbles. I made my first jams and new relish. I’ve baked with new recipes.

For years I’ve wanted to make my own pasta. Finally a couple of days ago I brought a pasta machine for $25 down from $100. Loved the 75% discount until the machine crapped out after one roll of pasta. My hubby pulled it apart and fixed it. So here made from flour and eggs and a touch of oil. I made fettachini, spaghetti and a sundried  tomatoe, feta and spinach ravioli with a butter sauce. Took for ever kneading it but I impressed .myself and my hubby and kids loved it




I also need to use up a heap of produce. So made sweet, hot, dried and frozen mixed chillies. Old school pickled onions 3 different ways. And red pickled onions plus min


t sauce.

I’m feeling proud trying all these new things. Despite being broke we’re eating better then ever with so much different things. Can’t wait until the next lot

Spring in my step – Day 1

Yahoo day one of my new challenge spring in my step. To celebrate the first day of spring and things I’m grateful for in my life.

The biggest thing I’m grateful for (well really it’s 3)

my sailor – my incredibly loyal, passionate, kind, loving inspiring partner.

my son – being nearly 13 I’m grateful for the many hugs and I love yous I get daily. His willingness to be so open and honest with me.

my daughter – I’m grateful for her spunk and creativity, our shared passion for photography and zentangle art.

Aw life’s just so good

Daily positive 10

Day four of no cooking. Sailor and my boy have been cooking for the family. He’s been teaching my son how to cook. Such a awesome thing to see. Not only am I getting a real break. Seeing someone take the time to teach boy something makes my heart just sing.

Fab Feb day 9

Fab Feb day 9.

Trying to find positive is so challenging right now. I use to find even the smallest thing. But being faced with challenge after challenge I’m struggling. Guess the positive is I’m trying

Fab Feb day 1

Decided to try something new. I use to so the 365 days of positives. Finding a positive each day. I find it difficult but rewarding. But know to commit for the year is a lot. So I bring you fab feb.

Day 1 . after making the choice to leave behind the world of Facebook. I deleted my account. Finally its been two weeks and the accounts gone finished deleted. One trigger and negative gone from my life also gone is the temptation.