Some of my latest food creation’s


Argh help please fellow bloggers

Study help please fellow bloggers I’m a visual hands on learner

I’m studying level 4 chef training and loving it. I’m keeping up and doing well but having a few struggles.

Practical classes I’m doing well, I video the classes and from there watch them and write my notes. Its time consuming but working.

When it comes to theory I’m getting a bit worried. I can read the text books and understand everything but when it come to remembering a few days later I get mind blanks. 

We have our first big exam in July with food safety and multi choice culinary. Also will be getting a list off approx 400 culinary terms we have to remember and understand what they are, plus most are in French. Scared coz at school (I’m nearly 33) I flunked all my exams because I panicked and froze. Feeling the pressure because I got top front of house student last year but was only level 2. And I want to prove to myself and everyone that I’m actually good at something

What’s some study tips so I can improve my recall? 

Yummy goodness

​Made a tasty beet, spinach salad with toasted walnuts and feta and a yummy honey mustard red wine vinaigrette for dinner from the @nadialimcooks Nadia’s kitchen cookbook. (The winner of one of the new Zealand master chef shows) Big hit with the kids

Inspired by all the fresh produce I got today for a gorgeous little organic shop

And last nights dinner of beautiful chicken and asparagus in a lemon soy chicken broth and fluffy rice (found the reciepe on YouTube)

Day 157 of 365

Day 157 – my children are making me so proud. They’ve always been great eaters and far from fussy. But lately I’ve been pushing myself with cooking. Also wanted to try food I hated as a child.

So last night I cooked up family favourites broccoli, cauliflower and carrots. Then roasted yams, brussel sprouts and yams. The yams wow yum. Brussels sprouts meh. And the egg plant was to die for.

So my kids have asked for two out of three again. They both said they’d eat the brussel sprouts but would prefer not to.

Proud that we try new things 🙂