Argh help please fellow bloggers

Study help please fellow bloggers I’m a visual hands on learner

I’m studying level 4 chef training and loving it. I’m keeping up and doing well but having a few struggles.

Practical classes I’m doing well, I video the classes and from there watch them and write my notes. Its time consuming but working.

When it comes to theory I’m getting a bit worried. I can read the text books and understand everything but when it come to remembering a few days later I get mind blanks. 

We have our first big exam in July with food safety and multi choice culinary. Also will be getting a list off approx 400 culinary terms we have to remember and understand what they are, plus most are in French. Scared coz at school (I’m nearly 33) I flunked all my exams because I panicked and froze. Feeling the pressure because I got top front of house student last year but was only level 2. And I want to prove to myself and everyone that I’m actually good at something

What’s some study tips so I can improve my recall? 

I’ve graduated!!!!

Realised I’ve not posted in nearly a month. Life’s been crazy I’ve graduated my course n I’m start my first year of chefs training in February. Can’t wait to share what I’ve been doing. But for now I’m focusing on my babies n hubby n getting my house back in order lol

Ups and downs

What a rollercoaster from such lows a few weeks ago to such highs

What an amazing week my family had, all back to school, we had production for my course where I did the last of my barista training, dinner date at pacifica restaurant was amazing. Recommend you go. Still trying to remember everything we ate lol Jeremy had us at the chefs table full view of the kitchen. N he decided what we ate instead of letting us choose what menu to go with n he gave us different plates so we could try more of his food. Was the most inspirational meal I’ve eaten n the atmosphere was relaxed but beautiful. Magic seeing my Hubby’s produce on a few of the dishes followed up by my sons 14th birthday. And I’ve just filled out my enrolment forms to start my chef training next year.and my Hubby’s garden business is taking off at great speeds

Week 7 as a student

And shits getting real. 

For the past 6 weeks we’ve baked, cooked, studied, learnt and gained our barista and food safety certs. Completed and passed assessments written and practical (i received best tasting pie of the class in our big assessment out of 18 other students). I’m proud that I’m the only student in our class with 100% attendance and not once been late (who would’ve guessed I’d be so happy to go to class). Its been our training for today.

Today we had our first day of weekly prep because we start service tomorrow. We have a cafe open three days a week and each tale turns in different roles from dishy to brista to different roles in the kitchen. And guess what I’m first up as sous chef. Ahhhh can’t wait I’m excited nervous. 

Can’t wait to let you all know how I go. This time in two months I’ll have completed my first course as an adult student. I’m so proud

A little Saturday baking

This weekend I decided to get my bake on so it was pastry and desert time for the family.

As with the photos (first attempt at food photography as well) I made it all from scratch excluding the puff pastry.

  • Chocolate eclairs
  • Puff pastry with cream and kiwifruit and some with cinnamon sugar.
  • Puff baskets
  • Cream puffs with chocolate and my berry jam sauces
  • Fill baskets filled with spinach, feta, toms, eggs and chives
  • Chocolate mud mousse
  • And my favourite the pastry rosettes

Can’t wait to find some more time to share heaps more with you all.

Week 1 of fulltime study complete :)

I’ve done it week 1 and we all survived. I’m feeling proud. Of myself for starting and managing my anxiety. Of my husband who is really supporting me with study, home and picking kids up. Of my kids for doing their jobs and my girl even made dinner one night.

They’re making it possible. Many will know I have ocd and heck I didn’t vacuum for a week and wow the house didn’t fall apart cause of it. I’ve manage to keep on top of my family, home and me. 

I’m so happy I didn’t give into fear and am doing it. Bettering myself and our family. I’m tired bit excited.

So much to catch up on here

But today some good news. I started my cafe service course, where I not only get my brista (should learn out to spell it haha) food safety, first aid, work experience with awesome chefs, in a commercial kitchen plus my certificate at the end. 

I went in excited but nervous. Progress though I stayed and didn’t once think of backing out. I had everything I needed and was positive. We went through orientation then after our break headed straight to the kitchen and I made these berry white chocolate muffins 

I’m super excited as I’m a hands I learner, I get to learn front of house and back of house, incuding lots of cooking.

Got home and my awesome hubby had picked my girl up. I was able to bring the muffins home and they were so excited for their treat. Sailor described them as beyond amazing n my girl going quiet enjoying them (the girls never quiet lol) my boy arrived home from school and his facial expressions were priceless. 

I cooked a yum dinner and sailor surprised my by doing the dishes, while kids did jobs and I did washing. Its a huge thing while study for me to take care of home my hubby n kids, but the help is mind blowing. Pure team work. And to hear my hubby sayhes proud of me and impressed of me just made my day.

I realised this morning on the way to course that its 14 years ago whilst pregnant at 17 with my son that I promised myself one day I’d study and today I made that dream happen.

Life’s been hectic

Overall good but busy. School holidays, meetings, my class work, planning for my hubby to go away twice in the next few weeks. My mums and my birthday coming up, school holiday programmes. Trying to get our finances under control, and having no incoming money this week. Me trying to complete my 42 week course in 8-10weeks. And start my next course at the end of the month it’s full time 4 full days on top of homework. Taking care of a home, two kids working part time, my hubby. Today I had high anxiety, nothing happened but I feel stressed and drained beyond belief. I’m grateful the days nearly over and the fact my hubby has done little things all day to make life a little easier. 

Trying to get on a roll

After handing in my first assessment I got an email back from my tutor with just a couple of things to adjust on my assessment. I was a little annoyed as they were minor, n silly mistakes. But then I realise that it wasn’t a fail just a touch up n good lesson in proof reading. But hey I redid it and emailed in back. Waiting on the conformation email that I’d done it to standard. In the mean time I pulled finger and completed and emailed another assignment. I’m learning that I’m over thinking a lot which is throwing me off. So I’m pleased I’m doing this course firsts to re-learn how to learn. Before my next course starts at the end of July. I’m most looking forward to the hands on learning of the hospitality course. All in all a productive study day